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imaginative sites that engage with your audience but are search engine focused

creating seo rich websites that increase traffic and convert that traffic into new business


Search engine optimisation is the cornerstone of any web marketing strategy, but there are many elements used to drive traffic to a site. Generating traffic to your site though is only the first part, turning that traffic into meaningful enquiries is equally important. You probably only have a few seconds to impress, which makes your site design and content a crucial factor. Bumblebee have been providing incisive and successful web marketing strategies for clients since 2008. 


Gaining good Google rank for your top level keywords is crucial to any business. As web developers, we have a significant advantage over dedicated SEO providers. We don’t need to create a strategy limited by what’s been built, because SEO forms an integral part of our site design and structure. This helps avoid unsatisfactory compromises or additional build costs. It also cuts out the excuses for poor results, where SEO companies blame developers and vice versa  – in SEO terms, the buck stops with us.

PPC & Google ad campaigns

We can set up and manage targetted Google AdWords campaigns. Our main emphasis is on quality to ensure a better ROI. PPC needs to be constantly monitored and reviewed to keep it fresh and cost-effective. Your PPC campaign also provides the basis for a suite of additional support strategies, such as re-marketing ads, video ads and contextual ads, each of which offers a more targetted form of PPC.


Social media plays a part in most strategies, although an intense social media campaign isn’t the right fit for every client. We collaborate with third party sector specialists to run campaigns. We also build SEO-rich company pages for the most appropriate social media channels and also create auto-feeds from your main site.


Our news management service involves a monthly or quarterly editorial meeting where we are given an outline brief on forthcoming stories. The stories keep the site fresh, but are also part of a wider SEO strategy.


We provide a full service from design and build of responsive templates, to providing a professional e-broadcast system that provides list management and detailed stats for each campaign.


Bumblebee can produce the full spectrum of web ads from animated to static, skyscrapers to banner ads.