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“ Ireland Albrecht had seen our work with other architects and were drawn to our portfolio style site to tell their story ”

Ireland Albrecht

Landscape Architects


Bumblebee have been involved in several projects with architects or landscape architects. The clean nature of our designs and the way in which we treat strong imagery make us a good option. This is predominantly a project-driven site where the images do the talking, however, there does need to be a balance with full-screen sites, so we always try to create other pages which are more typographically lead.

Sometimes you need to do the thinking for a client. The Ireland-Albrecht site had been in the pipeline for a few years and although the client had ideas and a rough site map, it was far from a tight brief. Bumblebee know the web inside out and are prepared to embrace the learning curve of getting to know a client's business. The essence of any website is clarity and putting information in the correct logical place.

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