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“ This church site was interesting in the number of voices and subjects that needed to be sympathetically combined ”

Bromley Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul

Parish Church


Bumblebee have a strong client-base within the third sector which covers charities, churches and non-profit community organisations. Although Bumblebee have been involved in the sector for almost ten years, this was our first church site and we wanted to create something slightly different to the unsatisfactory template solutions that dominate.

Again, photography played an important role, but we added a degree of flexibility, that allowed different page designs for areas that were short of images. Working with the church was a hugely rewarding experience. Their open-mindedness and willingness to try new approaches and ideas were refreshing, so much so, that we have also helped to create a new and contemporary branding aimed at blowing away the usual pre-conceptions. 


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