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“ Living Props have a complex offering which is targetted at several markets, so getting a great look with the right emphasis and navigation were key ”

Living Props

Natural & Artificial Plant Prop Hire


Many clients come to us because they like a particular style of site we do and want it for their own business. Living Props are one of those companies, they loved our full screen delivery for portfolio sites, but their offering needed a lot of re-adapting to make it work. Comping images takes skill and a good eye, but it is a clever way of creating sophisticated and visually rich content within a single background image.

The portfolio technique was used not only to display previous work on films, ads and events, it was also used as a catologue of all their plants contained in their 7 acre estate near Pinewood. The site also gives a glimpse of the top secret processes they've developed to make artificial trees, with the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter being the most famous example.

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