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“ Congratulations to Bumblebee Design. They have provided us, Warwick Leadlay, a gallery with one eye on the past, with a window to the future. ” Anthony Cross, Gallery Owner

Warwick Leadlay Gallery

Antique Maps and Print Gallery


The Warwick Leadlay Gallery has an eclectic mix of products, from wonderful maps and contemporary art to curios and prints. The Gallery also boasts one of the finest collections of Nelsonia. Bumblebee understand the science behind a gallery site and there are several important elements.

Firstly, the site needed to convey the Gallery's unique personality. Logical categorisation was also essential, especially when dealing with art and maps, which can be sub-categorised to the max. Other considerations were the the level of detail required by online customer and the level of communication, which was achieved via a mixture of a quirky blog, intriguing full screen images and some strong e-mailer marketing.


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