Flash Sites on iPad and iPhone


Bumblebee switched across to Drupal as their main development platform about two and a half years ago, but there are still some of our clients who have flash sites. As a result, they have become victim of Apple's anti-Flash policy, and don't have a web presence on iPad or iPhone.

With these viewing devices becoming hugely popular, clients with Flash sites are left with a couple of options, or risk being invisible to a sizeable audience.

A growing number have got us to rebuild their sites, a tough decision, but for some clients, an essential one. In doing so, they've been pleasantly surprised by how cool our new generation Drupal sites look and work plus there's the added benefits of easy upgrades to functionality, content-management and vastly improved SEO.

Another option is to build an html version of your site, which iPad or iPhone users will be automatically redirect to. This option is probably more suited to smaller and simpler brochure based sites. It's a less expensive option, but clients will miss out on the added benefits.

Understandably, it's not an ideal situation, but with Apple unlikely to shift its stance, it's a decision that our client's are having to make.